Tattoo Removal

Do you wish you could remove your permanent inking. Perhaps it features a name from the past, or you want an old tattoo removed to make way for a new design. It may even be affecting your employment opportunities. Regardless of the reason for the dislike of your tattoo, if you are unhappy you may want to consider permanent laser tattoo removal. At Barlaston Clinic we use advanced laser technology. Our Q-switched Ruby Yag Laser is highly effective at getting rid of unwanted tattoos, leaving the skin clear again.

How does it work
When someone has a tattoo Inks are injected deep into the skin. The blobs of ink form a pattern or design. These individual ink blobs are encapsulated by the body’s own defence system making them permanent.

Our Q-switched Ruby Laser works by firing very short pulses of highly concentrated light energy at the tattoo. This energy gets straight through to the tattoo pigment producing heat. (fig3) Immediately after treatment the top layer of the skin will appear white. This is caused by the laser heating the fluid within the cells of the epidermis layer of the skin this subsides a short time after. Once the white has cleared the skin usually appears red. This is followed by blistering which is an entirely normal reaction.

When the light energy hits the ink molecules they are broken down into tiny particles. These particles are then absorbed into the bloodstream and flushed out of your system, causing the ink to disappear.

The laser can be uncomfortable. Therefore, we use a cooling system which blows cool air on the skin. By lowering the skin temperature discomfort is reduced making the treatment more manageable. A gradual fading of the tattoo occurs over a series of treatments.
A course of 6-8 treatments is usually recommended, roughly 6-8 weeks apart.

How a tattoo is gradually broken down and
removed over a series of treatments